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Stereo microscopes
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Stereo Microscopes

From affordable, high quality, stereo zoom microscopes for exceptional value and performance, though to powerful, high resolution stereo microscopes capable of 320x magnification – all supported with a range of productivity options – there’s a solution in our range of stereo microscopes for every application.


The Mantis inspection microscope is used in FAI (First Article Inspection), which is a requirement to ensure that the first product produced is 100% correct. In our industry, we need to ensure that the first off from the SMT assembly line is perfect before running the rest of the batch.

Lynx EVO

The Lynx EVO was designed to increase productivity through superior ergonomics. Whatever the challenge – inspection, production, reworking, or something else – a 3D depth perception and bright, high resolution, high contrast images let you work comfortably and with greater concentration. Magnifications from 2.7x to 240x, make it ideal for a wide range of applications.


The incredible DRV-Z1 (Deep Reality Viewer) is the world’s first and only digital stereo inspection system which creates full 3D HD images which float in front of your eyes. You don’t need any special glasses or goggles and there are no unpleasant side effects. You just sit back and view high definition 3D images, with outstanding depth perception, as easily as real life.

SX Series

Whether you want a robust, high quality stereo microscope for a particular application, or you want to standardise on a single range with several models to choose from, Vision Engineering’s SX FAMILY of stereo microscopes should be at the top of your list.