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Main Features

  • Easy Installation
    ・Ethernet port included as standard equipment
    ・Choose from 6 different Fieldbus types
    ・Low noise and clean work environment
    ・Much lower running cost compared with oil and air presses
    ・Easy program teaching
  • Faster ram movement for higher productivity
    Max. ram speed up 2.5x; ram acceleration up 5.0x over our previous model.
  • A rich variety of both pressing and sensor functions
    A variety of pressing and sensor functions for high applicability in a variety of fields.
  • Superior functionality contributes to higher production quality.
    Load Precision: ±0.8% (FS) *1
    Repeatability: ±0.005mm*2
  • Global Diagnostic Functionality
    Comprehensive hardware diagnostics (including PC boards)
    Its easy to switch among display languages; teach in one language and edit or run your program in another!
  • Auto Amp Adjustment ・Auto Load Calibration
    Perform periodic load calibration automatically.*3

*1 Value at 5% or more of maximum pressing capacity under constant environmental conditions.

*2 Value with the press unit at a constant temperature.

*3 Please consult with us about compatible load cells.


System Configuration Diagram