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Ref.: HCT2-200
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HCT2-200 Digital Hot Air Pencil
Metcal is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our convection tool range. The HCT2-200 is a direct replacement for the HCT2-120 Hot Air Pencil and provides more power than the earlier version.
New features include: 200 Watt ceramic heater and dual stage air pump, a new replaceable hand-piece, and optional bent nozzles for easier access and use under a microscope. Complete details can be found in the HCT2-200 data-sheet.
Transition Plan from HCT2-120 to HCT2-200
The new HCT2-200 Hot Air Pencil is available now, and it is a direct replacement for the HCT2-120. We will fulfill any existing orders for HCT2-120, but please order this new and improved HCT2-200 in the future. The HCT2-200 has a region specific power supply, so there is a part number for North America usage (110V) and Europe and rest of world (220V-240V).
The new HCT2-200 comes standard with 6 straight nozzles (just like the HCT2-120), work stand with nozzle holder and nozzle removal pad.